It's time for a new adventure

Tipi Village visit

We welcome groups from 20 persons to view our Tipis. Under the guidance of the owners, we will show and tell the history of Tipi, as well as the opportunity to find out how the idea and Tipi tents were created in Latvia, how they are set up and where they can be used creatively. 

3 eur / pers


Archery is a part of Tipi village. The ancient Indians hunted buffaloes and made the covers of the Tipi tent from buffalo skins. When visiting us, try archery at the target. It will be an adventurous activity both for two and with a larger group of friends. 

10 eur


We offer to our glamping guests to enjoy the pleasure of water on the SUP board in our spacious pond. If you are a beginner or prefer to laze in the water, as well as want to make your stay with us more exciting, this offer is for you. 

5 eur / h 

10 eur / day

Hot tub

For our guests we offer a heated hot tub with aeromassage and lights in the Glamping area. Let's put it in your desired place and heat it, you just enjoy it! 

70 eur 

Kids party

Tipi village is a great place for teepee party  - Indian or any other style. Private and spacious area for activities, Tipis for creative workshops, picnic table, grill, fireplace. The offer includes a fun design, face painting, archery, 4 SUP boards.

Use of the territory whole day

185 eur

Pop-Up picnic Tipi village Lux

If you need to celebrate a special occasion, bachelorette party, birthday or any other event and you want to create a unique one, you have found a truly original place - Tipi village. We will set up a Pop-Up picnic place with a design tailored to your event. We offer the use of the whole territory, Tipi atmosphere, incl. large Tipi for creative activities. 

185 eur

Forest dinning

Organize an unforgettable taste adventure for yourself and your loved ones. Dessert in an unconventional atmosphere in nature, in an aesthetic environment. You have found the right place. We will serve you a dessert or a salty snack in the woods at a beautifully set table. Not only new emotions, but also memories of looking at photos. Number of guests - up to 10. 

30 eur / pers. min 150 eur

Pop-Up Tipi tent for couple

We will come to you and set up a glamping tent for two people in any place of your choice for a comfortable and unforgettable stay in nature. Your private Pop-Up hotel in nature.

from 145 eur

Tipi weddings

Your wedding is in nature and you want to design it original? We offer to set up up to 10 glamping tents in a place of your choice, to make them a cozy wedding picnic and to make you feel like you are in a newly discovered village. It will be a photo card worthy adventure on your special day!

from 145 eur

Stop on wedding trip

An unforgettable stop on your wedding trip. Include in your route a dessert in the woods in a special place set up just for you in our scenic forest, archery and a place for a photo session in a glemping tent. Give a message to your carriers to contact us so the event is a surprise. 

185 eur

Set up your Tipi

An unique opportunity to participate in the Tipi set up process, learn the details and create a sense of adventure throughout the day. At your disposal will be a medium-sized Tipi tent, which you will set up with the owners in your chosen place. In the Tipi you will be able to set up a place for a campfire and an unique sleeping area for up to 3 people. 

95 eur for 1 Tipi

Team building - Set up your Tipi village

This will be an unique team-building event for companies and work teams of up to 30 people led by the hosts. 

In the program: meeting of teams, instruction, set up of Tipi village, set up of sleeping area with a campfire place in the tent, archery in the target, SUP competitions, other team games, evaluation and awarding of teams, accommodation in the set up Tipi tents.

Additionally: catering, DJ, prizes. 

price on request

Archery in forest

Relax and retreate in nature! Go along our forest trail and try your hand at archery with a professional Falco bow and arrows at specially designed targets. Hmmm ... Hunger Games? This will be a great addition to your adventurous stay in our Tipi tents. Offer for 2 people, each with its own bow and arrow set. 

15 eur