Glamping with story / Place for retreat

Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication... 

TIPI VILLAGE - an unique recreation area where you can find new feelings by spending the night in our Tipi tents, merge with nature, enjoy the peace and quiet far from the city, see deers, sup the surrounding waters, go hiking on forest trails, take archery, enjoy the beauty of the natural landscape and have an unforgettable rural adventure. Our values ​​are nature, private space and atmosphere, ecologically responsible attitude towards the environment and most importantly - a human. You will meet the hosts and learn all about Tipi tents and their story of life.

Living close to nature can be really amazing. It makes you feel young and happy. It is a life in a peaceful environment, in the magic of country tranquility... 

We are happy to show you our lifestyle! 

Come and enjoy a simple life on a beautiful and sustainable farm in country yard! 

Glamping is focused on the senses and the adventure! If you are a nature lover and want to enjoy a new overnight experience, this place is for you!

TIPI VILLAGE offers the opportunity to spend the night in our large Tipi tents and choose from two kind of atmosphere: 

  • Wild Flower - amenities with a bed, interior items, terrace and hammocks.
  • Voice of Nature - the atmosphere of an authentic Tipi tent with fire place in the middle, beds are arranged on mattresses.

If you are a lover of classic recreation, we offer a camping house Kadiki next to the pond for 2 persons. 

We offer a delicious breakfast prepared with love of local products. 

Tipi tent Wild Flower - 85 eur * 

Tipi tent Voice of Nature - 60 eur * 

Camping house Kadiki - 30 eur * 

* 1 night for 2 persons

Additional places available at Tipi tent Voice of Nature and Camping house Kadiki - 20 eur/person

Breakfast available on request, 7 eur/person 

Allowed to stay with a pet - 10 eur.

For your convenience and free time:

  • swimming area
  • picnic table, grill, fireplace, wc
  • archery, forest trail, hiking
  • SUP boards
  • wild bath
  • hot tub with aeromassage
  • pop-up picnics, dinning in forest, outdoor adventure
  • tent sites
  • Tipi sauna (coming soon)
  • outdoor shower
  • museum
  • souvenirs

An unique place for outdoor Events

TIPI VILLAGE - Your creative culture and art space in nature. Welcome organizers of events in our port of silence and peace! Large area for you with Tipi tents in centre of an atmosphere. The atmosphere of the Tipi village is suitable for art pleinairs, sunset concerts, retreats, yoga and meditation day camps, and other creative activities, both for private and corporate events and for public county events in the countryside.

The price for entire place and all tipis for day events - 10 eur/pp.

Tipi village - your private village

Online reservation

30% advance payment for all reservations. The season is short. Thank you for your understanding!


White Wolf, Old Woodpecker, Blue Cloud :)

This place came to us by chance... At the beginning of the summer, we had decided to enjoy the splendor of Zemgale. The moment we found out about Nomadic Homes, we decided to add a new dimension to our tour. This place literally invited you to become an Indian for the day, which our youngest member of the group, a 6-year-old boy, was the happiest about. We too, a couple in our prime, let loose our inner child and dressed up in Native American finery to enjoy the evening this place had to offer. Shooting a bow or staying in a tipi tent with a hearth inside is no longer our daily routine, so we enjoyed it even more. Thank you for the thoughtful details, the delicious breakfast and the wonderful weather that you arranged just for us.


Very beautiful, peaceful, tidy place, wonderful and responsive hosts. The only place in Latvia where you can live in real tipi. If you have your own ideas and vision of how you want to spend your vacation, the hosts will definitely help you to implement it. A tipi was specially set up for us in the forest, in a place of our choice. In the morning, a delicious breakfast in the meadow between tipis. If you want to enjoy relaxing in nature and sleeping in a real tipi, this is the right place to go. I will definitely return there and I sincerely recommend it to everyone.

Līva, Mara, Tims

Thank you from our hearts for the wonderful experience of both celebrating the holidays and staying at Nomadic Homes. We were happy to see our guests enjoying the rest, the beautiful surroundings and the conversations together. Both small (the youngest was 3 years old), big ones (the oldest was 90 years old), and dogs found something for themselves here ;) At night, we experienced the closeness of nature, the sounds of birds and stories around the campfire in the tipi tent. We feel the sincerity and love with which this place was built and a huge respect for nature. These are also our values, so this is more pleasure and gratitude to meet you. Thank you!


Feelings and emotions are rated the highest by Nomadic Homes! Worth it! 

Evita and Uģis

A fantastic place with a story... Mighty oaks, peace, nature's music... The opportunity to spend the night in a different, more unusual way... Such a feeling of fulfillment every time you meet people with a sparkle in their eyes, about what they are doing! Thank you for that! Everything has been thought of - a delicious breakfast, the opportunity to be with yourself, the interesting story about the history of the place and the people... We will definitely meet again - at the museum or at some other event!

Kora & Victor

This is the morning of my birthday. Here and now. Stay and feel. To be. The enchanted feeling of the holiday drives me. I am grateful for every meadow flower, beetle that make this place so special. The feeling of home. Nature spa. Tables set in sea buckthorn alley. Grateful for your every smile and enthusiasm for your product! And in general - a fern bath in the wild! WOW!!! We "disappeared" into nature... so organic. We feel welcome, cared for, loved by what you do for us (and yourself!).


Extremely cordial reception. Everything has been thought out - an area just for us, an outdoor table, a fireplace, the hosts take care of the dishes and bring a cup of music for a more pleasant evening. Possibility to swim, paddle with SUP board, shoot with a bow, ride a bicycle. Another detail, but pleasant - the owners take care of the fish food, so you can just sit in a hammock by the pond and feed the fish. I really liked the atmosphere (nice place to stay, terrace, hammocks, beautiful view with haystacks in the background). A real idyll.
p.s. Breakfast was also taken care of by the hosts and it should be mentioned that it was delicious!


A truly warm, gentle and wonderful thank you! My two most special days are spent in this charming place with the most special feel of love from the hosts! It is an endless joy to meet such hosts and people! The day of my bachelorette party, the morning of my birthday will stay with me forever!


Super cool place. Host is unique! Recommended!

Find yourself in nature