Tipi - space in nature!

Tipi tents allow the whale to imagination... Set it up by the lake, river, meadow, surrounded by forest or any other beautiful place for your Pop-Up event, open-air concert or festival, county festivals, weddings, camps, creative workshops, master classes, Pop-Up cafes. Also when decorating you will be surprised by your imagination and result - boho tone, elegance, wild... Tipis will look like an oasis of peace in your place of rest, at the same time creating a surreal feeling and an unusual atmosphere where wild beauty meets the magic of nature!

All about Tipis...

Tipis (also called Tepee or Teepee, the most common in our country - wigwam) are conical tents that are easy to set up, dismantle and transport. Tipi construction consists of several poles together, around which the cover of the tent is wrapped. Setting up Tipis start with three poles tied together, around which the other poles are placed. Then the attached poles are fastened with the same rope with which the first three poles are tied, and the tent cover is wrapped around them. The cover is sewn with flue dampers to regulate ventilation. When the cover is wrapped around the poles, a seam is formed in the front of the tent, which is fastened with wooden poles. The lower part of the cover is also fixed to the pegs driven into the ground. Inner fabric inside the tent is for coziness and proper ventilation.

Tipis are a place for meaningful and creative recreation, as well as spending the night in nature in a unique atmosphere for two or in the group of friends. A place for your transformation, when you realize that nature is the universe, but human is a small part...

Tipis by Nomadic Homes are made of natural, water-resistant and natural materials. The tent cover is water and sun resistant, with antibacterial coating, consists of 50% linen and 50% cotton with a density of 450 g / m2, the inner fabric is sewn from jute. Tipis are careful and high-quality handmade, created in Latvia in a family business. Tipis are unique in that they can be lit by a safe campfire for an authentic and wild atmosphere. In addition, they can also be used as glamping tents, providing bedding for comfort. 

The design of our tents and trademark Nomadic Homes are registered with the Patent Office of the Republic of Latvia.

Choose the most suitable Tipi tent size - 

S, M or L

L - large Tipi, 5m diameter - glamping tent, which is comfortable for 2 to 6 people. It can also be a place for outdoor events, camps, gatherings, creative workshops, master classes, weddings, festivals, concerts... In the large Tipi tent there is a possibility to light a campfire! It will also be your space in nature, where you can take yoga, meditation, recovery. Large Tipis are suitable for fixed installation for a long time.

M - medium Tipi, 4m diameter - a universal solution for various events and recreation, as well as accommodation, glamping, camps, creative workshops, festivals, etc. purposes. It is convenient for 2 people or an event for 5 to 8 people. This size Tipi tent will be a convenient playground for children all summer long. It is easy to set up, pull down and mobile for various Pop-Up events.

S - small Tipi, 2.5m diameter - an exciting and adventurous playground for children, as well as a place for 2 adventure seekers! A place for children's summer camps with various activities in nature or as a deco element in your corporate or county event.

We produce Tipi tents by individual order within 2-4 weeks. Upon request, we provide delivery and set up of tents. Included: Poles, outer cover, inner fabric, door, ropes, sticks, stakes, set up and care instructions.


900 eur (small Tipi) 

1800 eur (medium Tipi) 

2100 eur (large Tipi) 

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In the summer camp "TRAVELING THROUGH THE WORLD" we went to the natural wonders to visit Indian teepees, dress ourselves in Indian images and stay overnight in the real Nomadic Homes. It was a wonderful and unforgettable adventure for all camp participants.

''Bindenti - childrens camps'', owner Linda