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Cacao ceremony

The cacao ceremony is like a tool to connect with our deepest essence, with the Source of healing energy, where we receive answers to the questions we are looking for, which helps to let go of fear, negation and pain. The cacao ceremony is led by Sintija. She is like a channel where the spirit of cacao of the plant has come to manifest, love, heal people and open their hearts! Come join this circle of the heart led by Sintija and let the Cocoa Goddess reveal a new vision of the world to you as well us connecting with your essence, brothers and sisters and the ancient wisdom of natural plants that surround us. The service is available for groups starting from 8 persons.

Price 30 eur/pers

Yoga and meditation

Sounding, inhaling and the beginning of the day practice for a good mood and raising the general tone, in deep relaxation a massage of the sounds of tibetan sounding dishes, meditation for peace with the healing mantra RA MA DA SA. Kundalini yoga has been led and practiced by Agnese (Jaidev Kaur) for more than 10 years, in her classes, sensing the need of people, she includes ancient knowledge of kundalini yoga, the exact execution of which is the key to opening energy reserves within herself. Upon request, the day can be improved with Flow yoga and/or cocoa ceremony. The service is available for groups starting from 8 persons. 

Price 25 eur/pers 

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