Tipi tents

when the Wild Beauty meets Natural Magic

Nomadic Homes is a brand created in Latvia which represents Tipi tents. Tipi - your space in nature for recreation, find peace and meaning.

With more that 10 years experience Nomadic Homes is leading Tipi tent manufacturer in Latvia.

The mission is to show an alternative way to return to nature and feel its healing power while being comfortable, to improve not only people's lives, but also to create a quality and sustainable rural living space!

Inspirations ​​-

  • Mother Nature
  • healthy and active lifestyle, travels and hiking 
  • emotions and new impressions

Our customers appreciate our creativity and professional work because we operate in 3 directions -

  • Tipi manufacturing
  • Tipi tent rental
  • Glamping - Tipi Village
 We invite you to experience, enjoy and gain new impressions with us! It is like a journey of the soul.Just travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer...

As a child, I dreamed of a hut in nature! Cherishing the idea for several years, I created an authentic North American Indian Tipi tent. Inclusive in Latvian nature, made of natural materials, with its charm, smell and taste of adventure! 

/ Nomadic Homes brand author - Maira Kikure /

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